The Icelandic cricket team is astonishing in Australia

The Icelandic cricket team has attracted the interest of the Australian newspaper Newcastle Herald and men there seem to have been appalled at the presence of the team. An interview with Jakob Víking Wayne Robertson, captain and one of the founders of the national team, was published on the magazine’s page yesterday but Jacob is rooted in Iceland and Australia.
Jacob was born and raised in Australia but moved with his family to Iceland in 2001, then 12 years old. At that time, there was nothing about cricket in Iceland and a team was not formed until 2014-2015, among the founders were Abhishek Chauhan and brothers Lakmal and Dushan Bandara. In 2015, regular cricket practice began for the first time and shortly thereafter the Icelandic Cricket Association was established.
“Today there are five cricket teams in Iceland competing with each other in the Icelandic Champions League,” Jakob tells the Australian newspaper, adding; “We have been competing against the Swiss, have been traveling every year for the past four years, including Prague and England. Now we have a website and a coach. This is getting on track ”.
Asked by the team, Jakob says that “Most of the team members are from foreign rocks and have moved to Iceland because Icelanders have not shown such interest in the sport”.
The Icelandic cricket team played its first national game in the UK in mid-2018. It was thanks to group funding and a group of cricket enthusiasts on social media Reddit. About 300 thousand krónur was collected in half a month, according to RÚV news of the case. Iceland’s first national match was against Switzerland and took place in the United Kingdom. This is stated on the BBC’s website which dealt with the team in 2018. Almost 470,000 were eventually gathered through the group funding, which is why the Reddit forum was where the interest began to sponsor the team.
The team plans to travel to the UK in August, where a competition between Poland or the Czech Republic will take place as stated in the newspaper’s article. There are also hopes that the team will participate in the European National Championships this year.


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